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Over the past few days I have been reminded again of something that I saw in working through Colossians–there is a fight, an agonizing struggle, that we are privileged to participate in.

In conversations with others, I found myself wrestling with truth issues, heart issues, life issues. Questions were raised about how we were reading Scripture, how we were thinking about Gospel truths. It was challenging, it was hard work. Hard head work to think well and hard heart work to engage well.

And I realize that it is easy to disengage from such conversations. It is fairly simple to avoid those issues, to exempt myself and others from such hard wrestling. But then I recalled Paul’s words about the beautiful fight he is engaged in:

We proclaim [Jesus Christ], admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. (Colossians 1:28-29)

We proclaim Jesus–we make much of him in all we say and do.

We admonish and teach one another–we thoughtfully engage in truth discussions, wisely anchored in Scripture.

We look to see every person complete in Christ–we want ourselves and others to grow on to maturity, to not remain stuck.

And Paul labors for this. He strives after this. He yields to God’s great power at work toward these ends. And again I am lead to reflect on how I spend my time with others.

Is my conversation filled with Jesus? Am I most concerned that when all is said and done that others see Jesus?

Are my exchanges shaped by concern for Gospel truth? Am I content with sharing “good ideas” or will I settle for nothing less than hearing, and thinking, and sharing, and exploring, and embracing Gospel truth?

Do I really long for “completeness” in Christ for myself and others? Am I pressing on for maturity or will I settle for having my life “work” a bit better, for a little less distress, a little more manageability in my day-to-days?



  1. A thousand years from now what else really matters?

  2. Amen! But I don’t think we even have to wait for the thousand years to pass. Next year, next month, next week, what else really matters? :)

  3. A friend recently challenged a group of us with this: “Only God’s Word and souls will remain. So how do we impact souls with God’s Word?” Your thoughts echo hers. God is repeating this to me and I need to lean in and listen well to what more He may have to say to me personally.

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