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For a number of years now, I have been looking at and thinking about following Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Mark. Many students of this particular Gospel feel that, when compared to the other three Gospels, Mark places a particularly strong emphasis on discipleship. And, I would concur.

With that in mind (and seeing that this blog is all about following Jesus!), I’d like to begin thinking out loud about how Mark can help us understand what the “good news” of the Gospel is, what it means to follow Jesus, and how we might be more intentionally caught up in being disciples. So, this category on this blog will include short reflections on snapshots from Mark . . . and I welcome reflections, comments, questions, and interaction.

The intent is to let Mark join our conversation about what it means to be fellow disciples of Jesus. (Click on the category heading at the bottom of this page–“The Gospel of Mark”–to find all the posts that explore this Gospel.)


  1. Oh that the constant cry of my learning heart would be, “Speak Lord for your servant hears”. Like the wind and the waves hear and obey the audible command of my LORD. Or else to obey when silently empowered to do the imposable. Like support the weight of Peter above the tempest.

    • How pleasing to the heart of God to have hearts a willing as that water.Even to do the imposable.

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