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It’s a Greek word. Summathetes. It wasn’t chosen to be showy or provoke conversation or to demonstarte some knowledge of the language. It was chosen because it captures best what this blog is all about.

The “mathetes” part of the word is usually translated by the English word “disciple.” But that word, in some settings, carries baggage. Some use it in an elitist way; others seem to focus on the necessity of certain “disciplines” to qualify to be a disciple. The New Testament uses it to speak of someone who has stepped into a life of “followership.” An intentional and wholistic internship into Jesus’ life.

The “sum” part of the word is a prefix that means “together with.” The compound word is found only once in the New Testament; in John 11:16 when Thomas speaks to his “fellow disciples” about where they should go. (Read the passage; it’s pretty startling!)

So a summathetes is someone who has joined with others to step into a vibrant and intentional apprenticeship into Jesus’ life. And this space on the web is simply intended to be one small spot where that idea can be explored.


  1. I like this!
    I decided to contact you via comment, as it would be easier than you actually reading a strange e-mail. I wanted you to know that I appreciated your comment and that I am not easily dissuaded from my walk with God. I have made a purposed decision to live a lifestyle that is guided by my heavenly father. Oh! And I hear the voice of God, as I am blessed by Him in that area.
    Thank you for your encouragement, and I look forward to exploring your blog.
    Have a blessed day! :)

  2. A great blog name, Brian. This looks like an encouraging blog!

  3. Hearttruth (Pastor Mark),
    Thanks! Sweet to hear from a Calvary Pastor. I have some “roots” in Calvary Chapel, having attended for many years in California and having led worship for some time for the Calvary in Redlands, California. Grace,

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