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My name is Brian Onken. And I am on a journey to understand what it means to be a genuine disciple of Jesus. Jesus is the most amazing, life-altering person I have ever met and I am staggered that He invites us into life by His grace and through what He has done in invading our world and in giving His life to rescue us out of sin and death.

On this journey, I travel with my wife and two adult kids. This trail of following Jesus has taken me in and out of parachurch ministry, through seminary (Talbot) and beyond (Regent), and into pastoral positions with a number of churches across the nation. I’ve been involved in a couple of church plants, I have served in both big and small congregations, I have lived on both coasts and outside the country, and I have had the joy of teaching in Bible training programs in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. (Keep in mind that what I have written is intended to be expressions of my own thinking and is not intended to be a reflection on either the schools or ministries that I have been or am associated with.)

Throughout the journey, I have continually been enriched by the exploration, with others, of this life that Jesus invites us into. And for His glory, I intend to continue to pursue Him as the great treasure of life and stoke the fires of a similar joyful passion in all I meet.


  1. Hi, Brian. My name is Chelsea. I have also been searching for the meaning of how to become a true disciple of Christ. I’m a senior in high school. I have an ambition to create a Christian magazine after college. For this reason, I have recently started a blog that I plan to spin off into a magazine later in my life. I prayed that if God wants me to pursue the path I have in mind that he will allow my blog to flourish and provide fellowship with other Christian bloggers to better myself and others. My blog is
    I do hope you’ll be in contact.

  2. Brian, Angela Radin Matthews referred you to me. I hear you live in G’ville. Maybe we can get together and talk in a few. Blessings. Will Lohnes

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